The Benefits of Custom Closets in Florida: Why Investing in Custom Closet Solutions is Worth it

A beautiful custom built closet for easy organization

Whether you realize it or not, the closets in your home are an essential part of how you live your everyday life. Whether it’s your bedroom closet, front entrance closet, or linen closet, these spaces help to keep you organized – but only when they’re set up for ultimate functionality. That’s why so many homeowners are looking for custom closets in Florida.

The right closet can mean less stress day to day and can provide tons of incredible benefits. If you’ve been on the fence about whether or not to go the custom closet route then you’re likely interested in learning more about the benefits they can provide. We’re happy to tell you you’ve come to the right place!

Benefits of Custom Closets in Florida

There are many advantages to getting custom closets in Florida and we’re here to break them down for you! Here are the top benefits of getting custom closets.

The ability to stay organized more easily

The number one thing you’re going to get out of a custom closet is improved organization. Standard closets often mean standard organization, which isn’t really a one size fits all type of situation. As a unique individual, you have unique things you need to store.

Maybe you’re a shoe lover who has tons of pairs to store. Or maybe you’re the owner of many long, beautiful gowns. Regardless of what it is you have to store, going custom means you’ll have a specific spot for all your things.

More storage

Another great advantage to going custom is the increase in storage capacity. If you have more things than you do storage, it’s not likely you’re going to be able to stay organized as easily. A custom closet allows you to take advantage of all the space available to you. No precious corners or inches of space will be wasted which can end up making a huge difference.  

Greater storage then means lessened stress, better productivity, and a happier life overall.

A prettier look

Wonderful design in closet

Looks aren’t everything, but they certainly don’t hurt when it comes to the spaces in your home! When you build a custom closet, you’re better able to enhance the visual appeal of it. You can match it to the rest of your home more easily than you would a standard closet.

Custom closets often look more polished. Not to mention all the different design options and styles you’ll have to choose from when you start from scratch. Your closet might even become one of your favorite parts of your home.

Increased home value

Not only does a custom closet benefit you while you’re living in your home, but it can also be beneficial when you go to sell your home as well! Custom closets help to increase home value because buyers are willing to pay more for them. They won’t need to take care of the installation themselves and will be able to walk into their new home with a custom solution right at their fingertips.

Your home is going to be even more appealing and could even stand out from other homes on the market because of the custom closets.

The ability to match your needs perfectly

Your needs are unique to you and that’s true even when it comes to storage! Custom closets allow you to customize to any fit. So, if you need extra hanging space or additional shoe shelving, it’s possible to design a solution that fits your needs perfectly.

You can even make choices to suit your design preferences. This helps your home to feel beautiful and will make it a space you’re going to love for years to come. Rather than something you want to change every couple of years.

The choice is yours

As you begin to match your needs and work with a professional custom closet builder, you’ll notice there’s no one to tell you what to do. The options are limitless and you won’t need to make decisions based on anyone else’s preferences.

Of course, the best custom closet experts will be there to offer their advice should you need it. The process can be as hands on or hands off as you want it to be.

You can see everything you own

"Large, empty walk-in closet."

There’s nothing quite as frustrating as needing something from your closet and not being able to find it. Not to mention how disorganized your closet can become if it’s not made to suit the things you own.

A custom closet will allow you to see everything you have. You won’t need to go digging and will have a spot for each item even if you can’t see them at all times. This will help to keep you organized and reduce the amount of clutter.

Lighting options

It’s common for closets to have dysfunctional lighting, or sometimes no lighting at all! Going custom means you’ll be able to light up your closet so you can actually see what’s in it. Even the things tucked away in darker corners.

This will help you to find what you need. It will also help to improve the appearance of your closet overall. Light up that closet and see your stress and frustration start to ease.

Custom Closet Materials

As you’re learning more about custom closets in Florida, one of the things you’ll likely want to know more about is your options when it comes to materials. Here are some of the most common materials to choose from.


Wood is known to be the most popular choice when it comes to closet materials. It’s a material that’s been used for centuries and it’s not likely that it’s going anywhere anytime soon!

Natural wood is known to be super sturdy and strong, making it a great option for custom closets along with tons of other things like construction and furniture. It can hold a lot of weight without bending or warping, which means you’ll be able to store your boxes, bins, and other items safely.

Plywood is another type of wood that is made out of thin layers of wood that are glued together to help enhance strength. This is another popular option when it comes to building custom closets.


Another super durable material for building custom closets is melamine. In fact, this material is manufactured for strength and is composed of compressed wood particles.

Melamine is known to look like wood, but provides tons of great benefits such as a uniform finish and high durability. You won’t need to worry about matching the different parts and pieces as melamine almost always looks good. It also happens to be very stain resistant and won’t retain any moisture or mildew.

The one thing to consider with melamine is that it’s known to chip. You’ll have to be a bit more careful when it comes to how you store things and how you treat your closet.


Wood and melamine are probably the most popular materials out there when it comes to building custom closets in Florida. However, wire is another option that is usually offered when it comes to a builder’s grade finish.

And while it might be used fairly often by builders, it’s known to be less functional and versatile than the other options. You’ll be limited on just how much weight you can apply to the shelving. You’ll also have to get a bit more creative with how you store things. The gaps between the wires often mean that items can fall through easily.

Custom Closet FAQs

Hardwood flooring and ample amount of shelf space for clothes
Hardwood flooring and ample amount of shelf space for clothes

Still have questions when it comes to building custom closets in Florida? Here are answers to some of our most frequently asked questions!

How can I save money on a custom closet in Florida?

If you’re limited when it comes to your budget, trust us when we say you’re not alone! Sometimes you have a budget to work within and that’s totally ok.

While budget limitations might come with a bit of a challenge, there are so many options available that can help you to work within them. Instead of built-ins, you might go for a wall hung closet which is mounted to the wall. This will allow you to get the customization you’re looking for without breaking the bank like a floor-based unit.

How do I make use of awkward corners?

Sometimes no matter how hard you try it doesn’t feel like you’re quite using all of the space available to you. That’s where having a custom closet expert on your side comes in handy! There’s nothing worse than having your clothes all mashed into a corner where you can’t see what’s there or can’t reach it very easily. It’s almost as if your things go in these types of spaces never to be seen again!

One of the best ways to ensure you make the most of these spaces is to install corner shelves. You could also utilize a hanging rod on one wall and then shelving on the wall that’s across from it at a 90-degree angle.

Why should I avoid store bought organizers?

There’s no denying that there are plenty of store-bought organization options out there. However, these organizers usually aren’t the best because they come with limitations. You’ll only find organizers in standard sizes which will make it difficult to make use of all of the space available to you.

These systems are also known to be limited in depth and will require you to install them on your own. This can make for a more frustrating process and likely won’t give you the results you’re hoping for.

How can I utilize space to store more items?

It’s common to want to store as many items as possible when it comes to the different closets in your home. Oftentimes that means attempting to fit more things than you really have space for.

Some creative ways to utilize your closet space, even more, are to double hang your items. You can invest in double hangers which will help you to store more things with less space. Another idea is to use the space behind the doors of your closet. This allows you to store more things and still be able to see them when the doors to your closet are open.

Is it possible to see what my finished closet will look like before it’s built?

Whether or not you will be able to see what your closet looks like before it’s done will depend on your custom closet builder and what they offer. However, it’s common for builders to complete the 3D designs ahead of time and share them with you.

That way you can see what your new closet will look like before the project even starts. If there are changes to be made, they can be done at this stage rather than once the project is already underway.

What are my shoe storage options?

Shoe storage is one of the best things about building a custom closet. So, if you’re someone who has a lot of shoes that you’re looking to store you’re going to love building your closet custom.

If you’re wanting to store more shoes with little space it’s best to use flat adjustable shoe shelving. This will allow you to move the shelves up or down based on the types of shoes you would like to store.

What comes first? Painting and flooring or the closet itself?

Custom closets are great for allowing you to switch up the style of your closet. For many, that means painting the closet and maybe changing up the flooring too. If you’re going for a wall hung system then the floor can be done either before or after. However, if you’re going for a floor based system, you’ll want to ensure the flooring is put in first.

How long is the installation process?

It’s very valid to want to know how long the installation process will take! Many installations can be done in just one day. However, if you’re wanting a wood closet it’s realistic to expect it to take multiple days as the wood will need to be cut and then installed.

Wrapping it All Up

We hope this post has been helpful when it comes to learning more about custom closets in Florida and the many benefits they can provide. More storage, increased home value, better organization, and the ability to see everything you own are just some of the reasons you might get a custom closet for yourself.

If you’re thinking about building a custom closet in your Florida home, look no further than JB Closets for help! We’re experts in creating the custom closets our clients dream of and want nothing more than to bring your vision to life. Upgrade your lifestyle and contact us today for a free quote! Our expert design advice and installation services are sure to help you create the luxury custom closet of your dreams.



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