Must-Have Features For Your Luxury Custom Closet

Chandelier and windows add lots of light to custom closet design

Designing a luxury custom closet isn’t the time to skimp on features that will look gorgeous and make your life better too! With that in mind, today, we’re exploring all of the must-have features to consider when you’re designing this space. We will tell you what your options are, what you should know about them, and how they can make luxury closet design even better!

Maximizing Your Luxury Custom Closet’s Potential

To begin, let’s talk about the luxury custom closet features that will help you maximize its potential.

The seven we’ll cover today are:

  1. Customized seating
  2. Central island
  3. Pull-out shelves 
  4. Designated shoe storage
  5. Convenient fold-out ironing board
  6. Hanging tie organizer
  7. Versatile hooks

Let’s get going!

1. Customized seating

Imagine walking into your luxury custom closet and having a comfortable place to sit to try on shoes, arrange accessories, or just take a breather. With seating customized for your space, you can do just that. You can choose from built-in benches and chairs as well as armchairs with built-in storage.

When you’re choosing luxury seating, consider items that are both stylish and practical. Look for upholstered furnishings that can be a part of the overall design aesthetic while also providing a comfortable place to sit. Remember to consider the materials, too — leather and velvet are popular and luxurious choices.

2. Central island

A luxury custom closet isn’t complete without a central island. This feature is both practical and stylish—it gives you an extra place to store items while also serving as a centerpiece in the room. Plus, it’s perfect for rolling out fabric or accessories to access them easily.

When choosing an island for your luxury closet, choose one with plenty of storage space—shelves, drawers, cupboards—and choose materials that look good but are easy to keep clean. You may even want to add glass-front cabinets to put your favorite  pieces on display!

Many homeowners use their closet island to store accessories like handbags, jewelry, and scarves. Just make sure to choose the right materials that will be durable enough to withstand day-to-day use—and look good doing it!

3. Pull-out shelves

If you’re looking for luxury custom closet features that are both stylish and practical, look no further than pull-out shelves! These shelving systems are designed to slide out of the closet so you can easily access your items without digging around in a jumbled mess. Plus, the sleek aesthetic gives your custom space an added air of sophistication.

Look for designs made from metal or glass that will add a luxe touch to your space. Consider adding lights to the shelves for added luxury to see your items easily.

4. Designated shoe storage

If luxury custom closets are known for one thing, it’s their designated shoe storage! This feature makes organizing your footwear a breeze and helps keep your closet organized. You can choose from designs like pull-out drawers with velvet linings or adjustable shelving that fits multiple pairs of shoes.

When designing this storage space, think about how much footwear you need to store and choose a design that works for you. For even more luxury, look for gold accents or velvet details to create an uncompromisingly chic look.

5. Convenient fold-out ironing board

Having a convenient fold-out ironing board is a must for luxury custom closets. Not only does it make it easy to care for your  garments, but it also adds an extra touch of luxury to your space. Opt for designs with smooth surfaces and decorative accents to give them an elegant look.

Consider adding built-in irons or heated steamers to the closet for even more luxury. That way, you’ll always be ready to get dressed in style!

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6. Hanging tie organizer

A hanging tie organizer is another must-have luxury feature for custom closets. This simple addition will help keep your ties organized while also giving your closet an air of sophistication. Look for luxury wooden organizers with multiple tiers to hang and display your ties easily.

To make this feature stand out, you can add details like LED lighting or custom vinyl accents. That way, your space will truly be one-of-a-kind!

7. Versatile hooks

Opt for hooks that can be used for different things, ensuring they’re sturdy enough to withstand a variety of options. You might even consider a valet rod! 

Must-Have Luxury Custom Closet Features

We aren’t done yet! Now that we’ve covered ideas for maximizing your closet’s potential, let’s move on to more specific features to consider for luxury custom closets. These luxurious features, styles, and considerations will give your closet an opulent feel:

  • Ample storage space
  • Customized lighting
  • Mirrored surfaces
  • Built-in accessories
  • Soft close drawers
  • Decorative hardware
  • Lucite dividers
  • Luxury materials and finishes

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Ample storage space

Don’t let luxury custom closets fool you—they still need plenty of storage space to accommodate your items like shoes, handbags, and clothing. So design your space with ample shelves, drawers, and cabinetry so you can store your items without compromising on luxurious style.

Customized lighting

Nothing adds luxury quite like good lighting! To take your custom closet up a notch, install customized lighting fixtures to help you see all your pieces in the best light. Look for designs made from glass or metal that will add an elegant touch to your space.

Mirrored surfaces

A mirrored surface is another gorgeous addition to any luxury custom closet. Not only will it make the room look bigger, but it also provides a luxury touch that will impress. You can keep it traditional with full-length wall mirrors, or get creative and add luxury accents like curved beveled edges or gilded frames.

However, one thing to keep in mind with mirrored surfaces is using them on areas that aren’t high-touch. Otherwise, smudges and fingerprints will detract from the luxury look of your closet.

Built-in luxury accessories

What luxury custom closets are complete without built-in accessories like the ones we’ve covered today (and many others)? Invest in hangers and organizational pieces that let you display items like handbags, shoes, jewelry, or even fur coats. Look for high-quality materials like wood or metal to give your closet a lavish feel.

Soft close drawers

For many, luxury means convenience. Soft close drawers make it easy to store items without making too much noise. Plus, they’ll prevent any drawer slamming or slamming that might damage valuable items over time!

Lucite dividers

Lucite is all the rage, and luxury custom closets are no exception. Dividers help separate your items like shoes, jewelry, and handbags into neat sections to easily find what you need. Plus, lucite has a modern look that’ll upgrade the feel of your closet even more!

Decorative hardware

Finally, don’t forget to add some decorative hardware to your luxury custom closets. Look for pieces like crystal knobs or gold handles that will help bring out your space’s style while also adding convenience and elegance.

Luxury Custom Closet: FAQs

We want to make sure you have all of the information you need to create a luxury custom closet that is both stylish and functional.

Here are some frequently asked questions about luxury custom closets to help you get started:

What is the ROI on luxury custom closets?

The return on investment for luxury custom closets varies depending on your chosen materials and features. However, many experts note that some homeowners can recoup up to 100% of their investment on custom closets!

Do luxury custom closets increase home value?

Absolutely! A luxury custom closet makes a big impression and can help significantly boost the value of your home. Focus on high-end materials and features that add value to your space, like built-in lighting or hangers.

How much should I spend on luxury custom closets?

The cost of luxury custom closets depends on the size, materials, and high-end features you choose. In the case of luxury closets, most homeowners invest several thousand. However, you may be able to keep costs lower by choosing luxurious materials that don’t necessarily have to be expensive.

What are five tips for organizing luxury custom closets?

  1. Use plenty of shelves, drawers, and cabinetry for ample storage space
  2. Install customized lighting fixtures that will add an elegant touch to your space
  3. Add mirrors with beveled edges for an elegant luxury look
  4. Incorporate accessories like lucite dividers and special hangers
  5. Utilize luxury materials like wood or metal to give your closet a lavish feel

Conclusion: JB Closets is Here to Help

The luxurious style of luxury custom closets is an investment worth making. They add value to your home and provide a level of convenience and elegance that cannot be found with standard closet solutions. Whether you’re looking for built-in luxury accessories, soft-close drawers, or lucite dividers, many options are available to help you achieve the perfect look.

JB Closets is here to help bring your vision to life and upgrade your lifestyle – contact us today for a free quote! With our expert design advice and installation services, we can help you create the luxury custom closet of your dreams.



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