Laundry Room Design Solutions

Your laundry room can be so much more than a space to wash and dry clothes. With a thoughtful and efficient design, it can be transformed into an area of your home that brings you peace and makes it easier than ever to complete important household tasks. 

In fact, it can be set up so efficiently that even your teenage children won’t mind spending time in there washing, drying, and folding their own clothing. Okay, maybe that’s a stretch!

Laundry rooms come in all shapes and sizes, and we have all of the tools, insight, and experience it takes to transform this space into the clean, functional, and well-organized type of laundry room you’ve only seen in commercials until now!

dark gray laundry closet design

Custom Laundry Room Design

An organized laundry room is a dream come true. With an expertly designed custom closet, you can store your detergents in drawers and have neatly folded clothes sit until they’re needed again! You no longer need to hide that clumsy ironing board as it’s now put out of sight where you’ll actually use it. Finally get organized once and for all with our professionally planned design service!

Our team will come into your home and help you create the perfect laundry room design plan customized just for you. We’ll handle every step of the process from start to finish including measuring your space, making sketches and renderings as well as helping you pick out finishes that fit within your budget while still looking great together! Our goal is always 100% satisfaction!

Laundry Room Design Plans

A well-designed laundry room is not only efficient but also attractive! By maximizing the space you have to work with, we can make sure your laundry area is organized and stylish from top to bottom. With our custom design service, you’ll finally be able to use all of those small spaces for practical storage solutions like drawers or cupboards rather than having them look like wasted opportunities for clutter!

Ready For A Clean, Organized Laundry Room?

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Why Choose Us

With JB Closets, you’ll get custom-made cabinets and accessories for your laundry room that will make it easier than ever before to do your chores without compromising style or storage options. Our products are built for durability so they won’t wear out easily after years of use.

Additionally, our high-quality materials ensure that you won’t need to worry about things like moisture damage from washing machines or dryers in the future either. We offer affordable prices so everyone can enjoy these features without breaking their budgets!

Upfront Pricing

There won't be any sales pressure to "buy today" and we don't inflate our pricing to mark it down to make you seem like you are getting a deal.

Expert Designers

Our team has been working in custom home solutions for years, ensuring that what you invasion for your space, is exactly what you get.

Easy to Work With

We love helping our clients. We offer lots of product options, can work up multiple design options, can work in phases, and offer financing to make it as easy for you as possible.

Lifetime Warranty on parts and labor

You can buy with peace of mind knowing that if anything goes wrong, we will be there to fix it.

What Makes Our Laundry Rooms Different?

Customize your own JB Closets by choosing from colors for wood finishes, metal hardware, and paint colors for cabinets and walls in any combination you choose!

We’re going to make your laundry room beautiful with custom cabinets and accessories. Our designers have a ton of experience designing the perfect laundry room for every client.

We’ll get started on our design process by asking you some questions about how you use your laundry area now, what items are most important to store in this space, and we will also ask where problems occur or things keep getting lost in the shuffle.

laundry closet with a ironing board

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Our team has worked hard over the years developing our expertise and creative vision so we can offer solutions that are both functional and gorgeous!

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