7 Tips For Organizing Your Laundry Room With Floating Shelves

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If your laundry room is in dire need of organized chaos—don’t worry! You’re certainly not the only one who feels like this. Unfortunately, this often-overlooked part of the home tends to quickly become a mess, and it’s hard to know where to start when trying to get it under control. But don’t despair! With a few simple tips and some clever DIY shelving projects, you’ll be able to easily transform your cluttered laundry room into an organized oasis. Here are seven helpful tips for organizing with floating shelves to make your laundry room look better than ever.

After we share these seven tips, we’re also going to share other helpful tips for organizing your laundry room, so this is one article you definitely don’t want to miss.

Benefits of Laundry Room Floating Shelves

Before you jump into the seven tips, it’s important to understand why using floating shelves in your laundry room is such a great idea in the first place. For starters, floating shelves are ideal for small spaces since they don’t take up any floor space and can provide additional storage without taking up valuable wall real estate.

They also look sleek and modern, making them a perfect way to spruce up an otherwise dull-looking laundry room. Additionally, floating shelves make organizing items quick and easy because you can easily customize the size and shape of each shelf to fit the items you need to store. And did we mention they also happen to be a modern, on-trend option?

7 Tips for Organizing Your Laundry Room with Floating Shelves

Use these tips to help organize your laundry room and reduce clutter with floating shelves.

Measure your laundry room before installation

Before doing anything else, make sure to measure your laundry room, so you know exactly how much space you have to work with. This will help ensure the shelves for your laundry room are a perfect fit and don’t take up too much precious real estate.

To measure accurately, measure the wall from corner to corner and then measure any existing shelving or furniture. Make sure you’re also noting any outlets, light switches, air vents, or plumbing lines that could interfere with the shelf placement.

Check out these tips for designing a small laundry room next!

Decide on the shelves’ size, placement, and purpose

Now that you know the measurements of your laundry room, it’s time to decide how much space you want your floating shelves to take up and what they’ll be used for. Decide on a shelf size that works best with the room’s overall aesthetic, and consider hanging them high or low, depending on what would work best in your space.

Think about the items you need to store and determine which shelve size will accommodate those items. You may also want to choose different shelf sizes for each laundry room section so everything will fit.

Install shelves at different heights to accommodate larger items 

When installing shelves, you may want to hang them at different heights to easily accommodate more oversized items. This is especially important if you plan on storing bulky items like detergent bottles or fabric softener jugs.

Additionally, if you have a large laundry basket that needs to fit underneath the shelf, simply install the lower shelf so the basket can slide in and out easily.

Utilize open shelf space for frequently used items

Take advantage of the open shelf space and use it to store items you frequently need access to. This way, you won’t have to go digging through piles of laundry in search of a specific item.

To make things easier, designate one section for specific items like detergents and another for fabric softeners, sprays, or other products used often.

Incorporate baskets for storage

We love the idea of adding baskets to the shelves to store items like clothespins, lint brushes, and fabric softeners. Not only does it make the shelving look neat and organized, but it also keeps these frequently-used items within easy reach.

Choose baskets of different sizes and colors to create a unique look that fits the style of your laundry room. Or, for a more seamless, minimalist design, consider using matching baskets that have a simple and classic appearance.

Mount wall hooks for bulky items

Items like brooms, mops, vacuums, or other cleaning supplies take up a lot of valuable space when left on the floor. To help alleviate this, try mounting wall hooks to the side of your shelves and hang bulky items there. This will free up floor space in the laundry room and make it easier to find things quickly.

Additionally, if you have any extra hangers, use them to hang clothes waiting to be washed or folded.

Label your shelves

If you’re someone who loves an extra bit of organization in their life, then labeling your shelves is a great way to take things one step further. It’s an easy way to keep track of where each item should go and makes cleaning up a breeze. Use simple labels or handmade signs and arrange them according to what goes on which shelf.

Other Laundry Room Design Tips

Laundry room floating shelves are just the beginning of what’s possible with this crucial space in your home.

Here are eight more laundry room design tips to consider when you want to create a space that works for you and your family:

Install a drying rack above the washer/dryer for clothes that need to air dry

This gives you the space to hang delicate items or clothes that can’t be tumbled in the dryer. You can hang a retractable or wall-mounted drying rack and store it neatly away when not in use.

Incorporate storage solutions for cleaning supplies

Whether you want to invest in a cart on wheels that can be tucked away or you need some additional shelves for those bulky items, think about the best way to store all your cleaning supplies, so they’re easily accessible but out of sight.

Install a laundry sink

If your laundry room is large enough, consider adding a utility sink with easy access to hot and cold water! This will come in handy when tackling tough stains or handwashing delicate clothing. Plus, having this extra space will make it easier to tackle big projects like soaking large items like comforters or area rugs.

Create a folding station

If you don’t have enough counter space in your laundry room, try creating a dedicated folding station with a few extra shelves to store items like detergents and fabric softeners while the washer is running. This will make it easier to quickly run through your chore list without constantly moving items around.

Add some greenery

Laundry rooms can be pretty dull, but adding plants or flowers can help brighten up the space and make it feel more inviting. Choose varieties that are easy to take care of and require minimal maintenance for the best results.

Incorporate hidden storage

For extra organization, try adding drawers or cabinets to store items like spare parts, detergent pods, fabric softeners, and other supplies. This will help keep your shelves looking neat and tidy while still having access to the items you need.

Think about lighting

Good lighting is key when it comes to any room in your home. Consider adding task lighting or under-cabinet lights to provide additional illumination for tasks like sorting laundry. Dimmer switches are also handy for controlling the intensity of the lights in different areas of the room.

Add some personal touches

Finally, don’t forget to add some personal touches to make your laundry room feel more inviting. For example, hang artwork on the walls, add a rug for extra comfort or put some framed photos up to bring a smile to your face every time you do laundry.

Multipurpose Laundry Room

We also want to discuss the idea of “multipurpose” laundry rooms. Could your space double as a craft room, office, or playroom? This is the perfect way to maximize usage out of one room and create a flexible area for all family members. Consider adding furniture and storage pieces that can be used for multiple purposes – from shelves with baskets to contain crafting supplies to wall hooks to hang coats. Another idea is adding a chalkboard wall for writing notes or keeping track of schedules.

Laundry Room Organization and Design: FAQs

Now here are some frequently asked questions about laundry room organization and design.

What are some tips for organizing a small laundry room?

Start by taking stock of what you have in the room, and then determine what needs to stay and what can be stored elsewhere. You’ll also want to pay attention to how much space you actually have—floating shelves are great for making the most out of limited wall space. And don’t forget about vertical storage solutions like hanging racks or pegboards.

How can I make my laundry room more functional?

Think about adding extra features that will make your chores easier and faster—such as sorting baskets, folding surfaces, drying racks, countertop space, and hanging rods. You may also want to consider adding a sink or installing adjustable shelving for easy access to supplies.

What are some design ideas for my laundry room?

Make the space feel warm and inviting with pops of color, exciting artwork, and natural elements like plants or wood accents. Consider painting an accent wall in bold, adding decorative hardware to your cabinets, incorporating fun lighting fixtures, or using organizational baskets and bins to contain items.

How do I make a good laundry room?

A good laundry room is one you’re happy to spend time in. This means not only considering its design and aesthetics but also its function. With that in mind, here are some key tips for creating a good laundry room:

  • Utilize wall space with shelves, racks, and hooks
  • Incorporate functional features like sorting baskets and folding tables
  • Add task lighting to make it easier to see what you’re doing
  • Consider adding extra countertops or work surfaces for tackling larger tasks (think: folding bedding)
  • Introduce personal touches, such as artwork and plants, to make it a place you actually want to be in!

Call JB Closets for Help with Laundry Room Floating Shelves

We’ve talked a lot about tips for organizing and designing your laundry room. But if you’re feeling overwhelmed or need help getting started, please call us! Our experienced team at JB Closets in Stuart will be happy to assist in creating the perfect laundry room that meets all of your needs. From custom cabinetry and storage solutions to decorative accessories, we have everything you need to make this space functional, efficient, and stylish. Contact us today for more information on laundry room design and other custom spaces!



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