18 Tips for Designing a Small Laundry Room

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A laundry room that’s small when it comes to space doesn’t need to be small in terms of functionality and has a beautiful design! Today, we’ll share 18 small laundry room ideas with you to help you create the perfect small space for taking care of your laundry.

18 Tips for Designing a Small Laundry Room

Give these small laundry room ideas a try to make the most of your tight and small space:

Invest in smart tech

Today’s market offers plenty of innovative technology options to help you save time, money, and energy while doing your laundry. For example, many machines offer features like on-demand washing, remote operation, and automatic detergent dispensers so you don’t have to worry about overfilling or wasting water.

Put machines behind barn doors

If you want to hide clutter, try installing barn doors that open up into the small laundry room. This way, when the door is closed, all the messy stuff is hidden away but easily accessible if needed!

Display pottery

If your laundry room has a window, take advantage of it by displaying pretty or colorful pottery. This can give the small space some personality and make it look brighter and more inviting.

Hide things with a curtain

Curtains are not just for windows! For example, you can hang a curtain in a small laundry room to hide the machines behind it and make the space feel bigger.

Hang a beautiful drying rack above the sink

Hang your drying rack above the sink to save on floor space while also making it easy to reach clothes that need to be hung up.

Add a shelf

Adding shelves is an easy way to add extra storage to any small laundry room. Use them to store detergents, laundry accessories, or little houseplants. When it comes to laundry room shelving, it’s helpful to use small, stackable units, as they take up less space.

Use fluted or frosted glass doors

Rather than use regular cupboard doors, choose fluted or frosted glass ones. This will give the space a modern and light look while still providing storage.

Ditch lower cabinets

If you’re really trying to save on space, consider ditching the lower cabinets in your laundry room and opt for open shelving instead. This way, more of the small space is visible, making it look bigger.

Reconfigure a powder room into a small laundry room

If you’re looking for a space to fit in a laundry room, try reconfiguring a powder room into one! For example, you could use towel hooks to hang small items, add a shelf to store small bottles of detergents or softeners and use a small drying rack on the wall.

Set up a pressing station

You may not have enough space for an ironing board in your laundry room, but you can still set up a small pressing station with just an iron and some hanging space. This is perfect for quickly de-wrinkling clothes if your dryer doesn’t do the trick or it’s a stubborn item.

Hang cleaning tools from hooks

Rather than cluttering up the small laundry room with a bunch of small items, hang them on wall hooks to keep everything organized and easily accessible.

Give your small laundry room a double function

If you’re tight on space in your laundry room, consider using it for something else! For example, you could install folding tables to make it into a small work area or craft space when not doing laundry.

Use wallpaper

Wallpapers can easily add color and texture to any space – even small ones. Choose patterns that match the style of the room and pick colors that will help brighten up the small space.

Use all available walls

In any space, taking advantage of any and all space available is vital. In small laundry rooms, this means utilizing all of the walls to hang up things like drying racks, small cabinets or even decorative elements.

Paint the ceiling of your small laundry room

Don’t forget about the small space above your head! Painting the ceiling in a contrasting color can help make the small laundry room look bigger and give it more depth.

Paint it a fun color

If you want to get creative with your laundry room, consider painting it a fun, bright color! This will add some life to the small space and make performing some tasks easier – who doesn’t love some colorful vibes?

Install speakers

If doing laundry isn’t your favorite chore, you can listen to some music while doing it. Installing small speakers in the small laundry room will give you something to listen to, and make the small space more enjoyable.

Get a professional!

Consider calling a professional to help design your small laundry room if all else fails. They can help you develop creative solutions for maximizing small spaces and tips on keeping everything organized.

In Summary

By following these tips and tricks you’ll be able to create an efficient and stylish space that works for your needs. 

Investing in smart tech, hiding things behind curtains, and hanging racks above sinks and shelves for extra storage are just some ways you can make this small space work for you. You can also make the small laundry room more enjoyable by incorporating colors, wallpaper, and speakers. With a small space, it’s helpful to be creative and think outside the box.

Ultimately, with enough time and effort, you can create a small laundry room that perfectly fits your lifestyle and needs.

Of course, we’re here to help too!

Design Your Small Laundry Room with JB Closets

If you’re ready to turn your laundry room into an efficient and stylish space, the team at JB Closets is here to help. Our expert designers will work with you to design a laundry space of any size that fits your needs and lifestyle while making sure it looks great. 

We offer a wide range of services for designing small spaces (including laundry rooms, bathrooms, and closets) from choosing materials and finishes to installing custom cabinetry.

Contact us today to get started on designing your custom small laundry room!



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