5 Ways to Maximize Your Pantry Storage Potential

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We’re willing to bet there are some ways to maximize even more storage in your pantry, even if space seems tight and you’re constantly feeling frustrated with clutter or the difficulty of finding what you need. At JB Closets, many of the homeowners we work with have found the following five tips to be incredibly helpful in turning their pantry into an efficient and well-organized storage space:

  1. Separate your pantry into sections
  2. Use baskets to keep items in place
  3. Keep accessibility for kids in mind
  4. Store healthier snacks at eye level
  5. Take advantage of vertical space

5 Ways to Maximize Your Pantry Storage Potential

wood wall unit used for organized pantry

So, keep reading to get the insider secrets we’re happy to share for maximizing your pantry storage potential! Following these tips, we’ll also dive deep into the best storage options for pantries and strategies for keeping them organized. We’ll even answer more of your top questions about this all-important space in your home.

  1. Separate your pantry into sections

This first tip is vital because it sets the stage for everything else! Separating your pantry into distinct sections allows you to quickly find and access items as needed instead of having a cluttered pile of pantry items. It’s helpful to divide it based on types of food, for example, canned goods, spices, condiments, bread and cereals, snacks, etc. This can also be done by size or frequency of use – whatever best fits your pantry and lifestyle.

  1. Use baskets to keep items in place

Many pantries can benefit from the use of baskets or bins to corral items within a section. For example, you can use smaller baskets for snacks and larger ones for baking supplies, like flour and sugar. This is nice for keeping pantry items organized and readily available – no more rummaging through a pile of pantry items to find what you’re looking for.

Look for baskets with handles, or even use drawer inserts in pantry shelves for a more streamlined look.

  1. Keep accessibility for kids in mind

Pantry organization is especially crucial if you have little ones in your home. You’ll want to make sure that healthy snacks and pantry items are easily within their reach while keeping other items, such as nut butter, nuts, grains, etc., up higher, so they don’t get into them without permission. In addition, keeping pantry staples such as breakfast cereals and oatmeal in the same spot each time makes it easy for kids to grab them when needed.

  1. Store healthier snacks at eye level

We’ve all heard the saying, “out of sight, out of mind” – and pantries are no exception! When pantry items are within arm’s reach, they’re much more likely to get used. Keep fruits and vegetables in clear containers at eye level to encourage healthier snacking habits. This way, they’re easy to grab when you need a snack or lunch item on the go – great for parents and kids alike!

  1. Take advantage of vertical space

This is one of our favorite strategies for maximizing pantry storage and making the most of virtually any space in your home, including custom closets. Use stackable containers and pantry organizers to make the most of vertical space, creating multiple levels for pantry items. This is particularly helpful in pantries with shelves too far apart to fit larger pantry items.

Pantry Storage Options

clear plastic containers used to in pantry to separate and organize food items

Now we’re going to get even deeper into pantry storage options that will help you make the most of your pantry space.

We’ve included a few of our top pantry storage solutions below:

  • Cleaning supplies rack
  • Rack for behind the door
  • Risers on shelves
  • Install under-shelf baskets
  • Add additional shelves
  • Create a pantry drawer system
  • Corner pantry organizers 
  • Hanging pantry rack
  • Wall mountable baskets 

Cleaning supplies rack

These are practical for pantry storage and make sense in other spaces in your home, including linen closets. For example, if you keep any cleaning supplies in your pantry, a cleaning supplies rack is a great way to keep them all organized and ready to go. Just be careful with what you store by keeping cleaners and chemicals away from food items.

Rack for behind the door

This one is a real space-saver. You can use this rack to store cans, bottles, cleaning supplies, etc., freeing up pantry shelf space for other items that need to be stored in your pantry. But, again, this relates back to maximizing your vertical space because this real estate behind the door is often underutilized.

Risers on shelves

One of the nice things about risers on shelves in your pantry is that they provide an additional layer of depth to pantry shelves. This way, you can store items in the back and still have easy access to them when needed. Perhaps you can store canned goods in the back to keep them out of sight and still be able to access them when needed.

Install under-shelf baskets

We love under-shelf baskets because they are such a clever way to maximize pantry storage while keeping pantry items within arm’s reach. These handy pantry organizers let you store small pantry items such as snacks, tea bags, or spices without taking up any valuable pantry shelf space.

Add additional shelves

If your pantry has plenty of vertical space but not enough horizontal space, adding additional shelves is a solution to consider. This gives you more surfaces to store pantry items and better use of the available space. You can also stack shelves atop each other to better use the vertical space.

Create a drawer system for optimal pantry storage

Drawers are so suitable for pantries because they provide ample storage for pantry items such as spices, snacks, and canned goods. They also slide out easily, so you can quickly access what you need without searching through cluttered pantry shelves.

Corner pantry organizers

Like the space on the back of pantry closet doors, another area often overlooked for pantry storage is the corners of your pantry! Corners in pantries often go unused, but corner pantry organizers allow you to take full advantage of this otherwise wasted space. This is a particularly convenient option if your pantry has lots of narrow nooks and crannies that need to be filled. Corner organizers come in various sizes and shapes, making them easy to customize for any pantry size or shape.

Hanging pantry rack

These pantry storage options are great for freeing up countertops or pantry shelves. Hanging pantry racks are an excellent option because they hang off the back of a pantry door or wall and come in different sizes, so you can find one that fits your pantry perfectly. You can use them to store spices, teas, rice, cereals, cans, and bottles – anything that needs to be kept out of sight but still within easy reach.

Wall mountable baskets

Finally, if you’re looking for pantry organizers with a bit more oomph, then consider using wall-mountable baskets. These pantry storage solutions will help you make the most of your pantry walls and ceilings by taking pantry items off shelves and drawers. You can also hang up pantry-specific wall organizers that come with compartments for everyday pantry items you reach for most, like your bags of chips, crackers, or canned goods.

No matter how much pantry storage space you have, there are plenty of ways to maximize it and keep your pantry items organized. Whether you use pantry racks, drawer systems, corner organizers, or wall-mountable baskets, these pantry-organizing solutions will help you maximize your pantry storage while keeping everything easy to access.

Pantry Storage FAQs

pasta separated into glass jars

Let’s get into some of your other big questions about pantry storage in our FAQ section now!

How to organize a small pantry with deep shelves?

Deep shelves can be incredible for storage, but they must be used strategically to get the most out of them. Try to use baskets or pantry organizers to keep pantry items separated and easy to access. You can also group pantry items together according to their purpose. For example, create a ‘baking’ section and put all your baking ingredients in one spot.

How do I maximize pantry space?

Think vertically! Install shelves up high or hang pantry organizers from the back of your pantry’s door or wall. This will free up countertop and pantry shelves for other items while offering plenty of storage for everyday pantry staples like snacks, canned goods, spices, etc.

What should I store in my pantry?

Your pantry is a great place to store non-perishable pantry items such as canned goods, grains, jarred spices, baking ingredients, snacks, and other pantry staples. Keeping these items organized will make it easier to find what you need when you need it.

What are some pantry storage tips?

Some pantry storage tips include:

  • Employ baskets or pantry organizers to separate and categorize pantry items.
  • Utilize vertical space by installing shelves or hanging racks from the ceiling or walls.
  • Label pantry containers, so everything has a home.
  • Rotate pantry items regularly, so nothing gets forgotten and expired food isn’t accidentally used.

What are some small pantry organization hacks?

We’re glad you asked—we have lots of fun ideas! First, try using pantry containers or Mason jars to store pantry items like baking ingredients and snacks. Label each one, so it’s easy to find what you need. You can also use clear baskets to organize pantry items on shelves, making them easier to see and access when needed. Lastly, mount a magnetic spice rack inside your pantry door to make the most of that space while keeping spices within reach.

How to organize a small pantry with wire shelves?

Many of us have a pantry lined with wire shelves and not much else to offer. But even with wire shelves, you can get pantry organization right! Give pantry baskets a try that slide easily on the wire shelves to contain pantry items and prevent them from spilling over. You can also install pantry organizers like drawer systems or adjustable shelving to make the most of your pantry storage space.

Another pantry storage hack is to hang baskets or pantry organizers from the back of pantry doors. We love how this not only maximizes the amount of pantry storage you have but also saves you time looking for things in a cluttered pantry.

What should not be stored in a pantry?

As much as a pantry can turn into a catch-all for pantry items, there are a few things that should not be stored in the pantry. Perishable food items like bread, milk, and eggs should be kept in your fridge or freezer, of course. Additionally, it’s best to store spices and herbs away from direct sunlight as this can affect their flavor. So, if your pantry has a window, keep this in mind.

Things like cured meats and some cooking oils (including garlic-infused olive oil, sunflower, and truffle oil) should also not be stored in the pantry and might belong in the fridge instead. 

You’ll also want to be careful about the non-food items you might be tempted to store in your pantry, like paint or cleaning supplies. Again, finding another place to store these items away from food is best. For example, a pantry with a broom closet attached.

Maximizing Pantry Storage: Conclusion

With a little creativity and pantry organization tricks, you can optimize your pantry storage potential! With the help of clever tools and strategies like pantry organizers, labeling containers, and taking advantage of vertical space, you’ll be able to find what you need when you need it. Keeping pantry items organized will also help prevent pantry clutter and food waste. So let’s get that pantry organized!

Give JB Closets in Stuart, FL., a call today and we’ll help you find the pantry organization solutions that work for you.



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