Beautiful Small Custom Closet Design Ideas 2022

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Are you one of the many people who struggle with running out of closet space? If your answer to this question is yes, you’re definitely not alone! It’s easy to run out of space if your closet is on the smaller side. Or to feel like you have nothing to wear if your closet is disorganized.

Don’t let a small closet stop you from staying organized and having a spot for all of your clothing, shoes, and accessories. We compiled this list of 19 small custom closet ideas so you can get all the benefits a bigger closet has to offer.

Small Custom Closets

First things first, let’s discuss small custom closets and the potential they hold.

The key when creating a small custom closet is to use every inch of space available. There are tons of options out there to help you make use of all of your space and get the results you’re looking for. It’s all about utilizing the unique design processes that come together to produce something special for each individual.

Now let’s run through some of our best bedroom closet ideas!

Make use of internal dividers

Internal dividers are a great way to keep your small closet as organized as possible. You might try adding a wall between sections in your small custom closet or even smaller dividers in your drawers. This will help you as you try to find a home for each of your items.

Find a new home for your shoes

While it might not be a way to customize your closet, rehoming your shoes is a great tip for saving space! Shoes can take up a ton of space which could be used for other items. Try storing them in your hallway closet or front closet. The extra space will be worth it!

Baskets up high for extra organization

If you have a bunch of space up high in your closet, don’t let it go to waste. This valuable real estate can be utilized by finding baskets with handles that fit perfectly. It will then be easy to grab the basket with whatever you need and organize your smaller items into different bins.

Baskets down low

Baskets are also great for use in the lower portion of your closet. You might use these baskets to hold your workout clothes, pajamas, shoes, or accessories.

Organized buckets help to keep your small custom closet as clean and clutter-free as possible.

Add storage under hanging clothing

If you have a hanging rod with your clothes on it, there could be wasted space underneath it. Try adding a shoe rack or a small dresser under your clothes so you can make use of the space.

Add shelf dividers

When it comes to smaller-sized closets, shelving is everything! Break things up in your closet by adding shelves to help separate your stacks of clothing and accessories. Shelves are also a great place to add baskets for your smaller items.

Utilize furniture

You might try getting a little bit creative with some storage-friendly furniture. You could add wardrobes on either side of your bed for some extra space or consider purchasing a sofa that comes with storage space underneath.

Continually re-organize

It’s unfortunate but once your closet is perfectly set up the chances of it staying that way aren’t always high! Set yourself a goal to re-organize your closet regularly. You might do it once a month or even seasonally if you’re someone who is good at keeping their closet tidy.

Install lighting

One of the struggles with small closets is that it can be difficult to find what you’re looking for. Adding track lighting is a really great way to add a stylish touch to your closet while also serving the functional purpose of making everything visible.

A curtained door

Closet doors can be bulky and take up a lot of space. Especially if your bedroom is also small.

Consider taking off your closet doors and adding a curtain as a door instead. It’s super easy to install a curtain rod and get an extra chic-looking closet in the process. 

Modular shelving

Modular shelving is a trend we’re currently loving. It’s not only a great way to store and display your items, it can add an extra design element to your space. You might even add some décor to your modular shelving to help make it suit the rest of your space.

Sliding doors

Another great way to bypass bulky closet doors is to install sleek sliding doors. They can help you save a ton of space and make it easy to get whatever you need.

Reduce clutter

It might seem obvious, but one of the best ways to keep your small closet beautiful is to reduce clutter as much as possible. Do a thorough clean out to get rid of anything you don’t need and consider donating it to a local shelter. Your space will stay clean and you can help someone else in the process.

Add an extra bar

One bar is great for hanging your clothes, but what can be even better is adding an extra bar below it! This helps to ensure you’re using up every inch of space in your closet.

Use a coat rack for extra storage

Coat racks can be a great addition to your room if you’re feeling like you need an extra spot for jackets and outerwear. Set up a coat rack in the corner of your bedroom and use it to store your bulkier items for maximum storage space.

Get creative with a mannequin

Another beautiful way to store your items outside of your closet is to use a mannequin. You can display outfits on your mannequin or use it as a coat rack.

Mannequins are great for switching things up from time to time and getting a new look whenever your heart desires!

Hang up your accessories

Rather than leaving your accessories in a pile, consider hanging them up inside or outside of your closet. Shower hooks can be great for things like handbags, necklaces, and scarves.

Use all of the space outside of your closet

We’ve suggested a few ideas for utilizing storage outside of your closet, but it’s easy to get creative when it comes to using all of your existing space. You might add hooks to the back of your door for hats or get creative with some empty wall space.

Use technology

There are tons of great options for knowing what’s in your closet with technology. You might try getting an app that will allow you to upload photos of all of the items in your closet and then easily make outfits out of them.

Next Steps for Your Small Custom Closet

Do these small custom closet ideas sound like they could be the perfect option for your small space? Make it your next step to get in touch with a custom closet professional like JB closets!

We have tons of different ideas when it comes to getting customs closets in south Florida, including even more small custom closet ideas than you see on this list. We pride ourselves on being easy to work with and offer upfront pricing so you won’t be faced with any surprises when it comes to getting the custom closet of your dreams. Let’s get started! Contact us today.



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