14 Ways to Maximize Your Laundry Room-Pantry Combo

modern style pantry and laundry room combo

Combining both your laundry room and your pantry into one area is a great way to make use of your space. It’s the classic two birds with one stone type of situation as the room becomes multi-functional and allows you to get everything you need all from one place. The laundry room-pantry combo is especially practical for homes that don’t have quite enough space for a full out laundry room.   

One of the issues many people run into with the laundry room-pantry combo is not knowing how to maximize the space they have. It can be a lot to fit all in one room. But with proper planning and a bit of creativity, your laundry room-pantry combo can be a super functional space. We’re here to explore maximizing your laundry room-pantry combo and so much more.

Advantages of a Laundry Room-Pantry Combo

To start, let’s look at some of the advantages to including a laundry room-pantry combo in your home: 

  • It’s easier to keep your cleaning and laundry supplies organized and maintained as they’re in a space you visit often.
  • You’re likely to get more natural lighting in a combined laundry room – especially if there’s windows in the room.
  • You can get laundry done with ease while you’re in the kitchen cleaning or cooking.
  • You’ll get more space with one combined room than you would with two smaller closets.
  •  You can easily put away your supplies, all in one place. And then retrieve them when you need them.

Maximize Your Laundry Room-Pantry Combo

If the laundry room-pantry combo sounds like the perfect solution for your home, you’ll want to have a clear understanding of how to maximize the space you have. This will help ensure the space stays functional and organized for years to come. You want it to be a space you love for a long time after all!

Let’s dive in!

  1. Plan and measure properly

You can get started on building a laundry room-pantry combo without diligent planning and measuring ahead of time. Be sure to take accurate measurements and think about where each element in the room will go. Do this ahead of time and be precise so you don’t run into any issues later on. You want the building process to be as seamless and headache free as possible.

  1. Make use of vertical space

Oftentimes when anyone goes to plan a room they think about the space that will be used on the floor. But don’t forget about the vertical space available to you as well! Your storage options for the laundry room-pantry combo can go as high as the ceiling. This is especially important if you’re dealing with a smaller room. Making the most of every square inch you have will always be worth it.

  1. Include multi-functional furniture

There are so many different options for multi-functional furniture out there. This type of room is definitely one where you should take advantage! 

You might go for a cabinet with pull-out drawers, a folding table that can be used for laundry folding or food prep, or a drying rack that can also be used as a shelving unit for pantry items. Get creative and don’t be shy when it comes to making things multi-purpose.

  1. Install a pull-down drying rack

As we just mentioned, multi-functional furniture is going to be your best friend. A pull-down drying rack is perfect for allowing you to access it with ease when you need it. You can then tuck it away so you can use the rest of the space for other things. This is an awesome space saver you’re definitely going to want in your laundry room-pantry combo.

  1. Design a work table

Another noteworthy multi-functional furniture option is a work table. You can use the work top for both laundry and food prep, but can also make use of the storage space underneath.

You might install cabinets to store your extra things or consider making it an area for your dog. Either way, you’re sure to appreciate having a spot where you can unload and work whenever you need to.

  1. Include floating shelves

Floating shelves are fantastic for storing your everyday utility essentials. They could even be a handy addition to add above your work table if you end up deciding to add one.

These shelves can be a great option for adding a bit of décor to your space as well. They’re functional as you can see everything you have and grab the things you need easily. Whatever it is you choose to use floating shelves for, they are a nice, easy addition to your laundry room-pantry combo.

  1. Utilize baskets

One of the best ways to organize your laundry room-pantry combo is with baskets. Baskets add a decorative touch and are also better for the environment than plastic bins. Although, plastic bins are another clever storage option if you need them. 

You might fill up your cabinets with baskets, or include them on floating shelves. The nice thing about them is they’re super functional, but also pleasant to look at.

  1. Create a space for canned goods

Cans are one of the harder things to store. That’s why having dedicated storage just for your cans is such a smart idea.

Rather than letting cans disappear into the back of a shelf, try incorporating a can corral into the design of the room. This will allow you to store your cans horizontally, rather than vertically, and will keep them from rolling around. Your cans will all be easy to see so you can grab what you need and not have to search.

  1. Incorporate a lazy Susan

Adding a lazy Susan to your laundry room-pantry combo is another good way to make things easy for yourself. You can add all of your smaller bottles and tins to the lazy Susan so they don’t get lost. The movement of the lazy Susan will make it easy for you to see everything you have and will allow you to have a space for each and every little ingredient.

You’ll never misplace an item when you have a lazy Susan on your side.

  1. Install professional shelving

If there was ever something to spend some time on when it comes to your laundry room-pantry combo it’s the shelving. Don’t skimp out on shelving and instead think of it as an area to invest in. 

This will allow you to maintain a pro pantry and will also allow for excellent storage when it comes to the laundry aspect of the room. Make use of closet space and get creative when it comes to using vertical space as well.

  1. Purchase rolling laundry baskets

Rolling laundry baskets are an absolute must when it comes to the laundry room-pantry combo. It will be super easy to collect laundry throughout your home and then sort through it once you have it in your laundry room.

Be sure to go for rolling laundry baskets that are durable and will be able to roll through your home with ease.

  1. Include secret storage

If you’ve got a smaller space, then secret storage is going to be your best friend! You might try hiding your washing machine and dryer behind a cabinet in order to keep things looking tidy. 

This will help keep a streamlined look throughout the space and will serve as a sound barrier as your machines are running. What could be better!?

  1. Build a built-in

Built-in shelving is fantastic for the pantry side of your laundry room combo. Especially if you have a nook in the space you’re not quite sure what to do with. This could be open shelving or closed shelving with cabinet doors as well.

There are so many different ways to do built-in shelving. But if there’s one thing we know for sure it’s it’s always worth it to help use up every inch of space you have available.

  1. Try cubbies over larger shelves

Of course, larger shelves are known to hold a lot of items. However, it can be more difficult to organize your things on large, expansive shelves. If that’s the case, you might consider adding in cubbies instead. This will help you to more easily organize your things by theme.

A Laundry Room-Pantry Combo of Your Own

We hope you have all the inspiration you need when it comes to creating your own laundry room-pantry combo and maximizing the space you have! If you find yourself scratching your head wondering how you’ll create the perfect multi-functional room for your own home, JB Closets is here to help.

Our team consists of experts in laundry room design and creating custom multi-functional spaces. We love to listen to your unique needs and then design something specific to your space. Whether it’s custom cabinetry and storage solutions or decorative accessories, we have everything you need to make your laundry room-pantry combo efficient, stylish and functional. 

Contact us today for more information or for a consultation to get started!



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