Long & Narrow Closet Ideas: Tips For Efficiency

narrow closet ideas

Closets come in all different shapes and sizes. Whether it’s a big square or a long and narrow rectangle, there are plenty of different closet types to work with. The key when it comes to custom closets is using the space available to you in the most efficient way possible.

Narrow Closet Ideas

Today we’ll be taking a look at long and narrow closet ideas specifically and what you can do to ensure you’re using every inch of space to its best potential. The long and narrow closet can be a difficult one to make the most of, but with these tips under your belt, you’re going to be making the most of your space. And you will have a functional closet too! 

Plan out the space

Before you put your items away, be sure to do some planning. Your shallower storage should be from the waist up and your deeper storage from the waist down. Think about what items you have and what you could add to the closet to store them properly. More narrow closet ideas are below!

Consider floor space

If your closet is narrow but you’re still able to walk into it then be sure to consider your floor space. You should be able to move within a two-foot radius around the closet.

Leaving more space open on the floor will help your closet to feel a lot more open. The more spacious you can make your closet feel the better.

Use drawers wisely

Drawers can be your best friend when it comes to your narrow closet, but only if used correctly. Plan out your drawers so they’re under shelves rather than under your hanging clothes. Drawers under your hanging clothes could cause a lot of problems if you’re opening them and they’re covered by the clothes above.

Make space for accessories

Don’t forget about your accessories when it comes to your narrow closet. Consider adding rods, hook strips, belt racks, and tie racks, to help with storage and organization. You might have less square footage or have an awkward shape to deal with, but that doesn’t mean you can’t fit your accessories as well!

Remove the door

When it comes to narrow closets, accessing everything can become difficult. Your closet doors could be making it feel a lot more cramped than it is, which is why it can be a good idea to remove them.

You could opt for a pocket door or even curtains to help free up some space. 

Use dividers

Internal dividers are awesome for closets that are narrower. They can help you to divide up the space more efficiently and sort your things based on the new sections available to you.

You can also use dividers vertically by making use of stacked trays and keeping your smaller items sorted.

Find a new home for your shoes

Shoes are one of the more difficult things to store in narrow closets. If you have the space elsewhere, consider moving your shoes to a different area of your home and keeping your closet for just your clothes and accessories. If that’s not an option, then clear bins might do the trick. More on that below.

Make use of baskets

Baskets are one of our favorite ways to save on space and organize your clothing and accessories when it comes to smaller or narrower closets. Pick the perfect baskets to match your aesthetic and make sure you measure your space before you go out and purchase them. 

Baskets can be used for anything from bathing suits to summer shoes.

Use vertical space and add storage under your clothes

You can place your baskets horizontally beside one another, or get some shelving to help stack your baskets vertically. This stacking method is also great for making use of the space beneath your hanging clothing. Just be sure not to stack too high and create further problems between your hanging clothes and the baskets below.

Get shelf dividers

Shoe organizers can be great, but shelf dividers take things to the next level – especially when it comes to narrow closets! Shelf dividers can also be used to store your sweaters or t-shirts. Regardless of what you choose to store in your shelf dividers, you’re able to stack things a lot more efficiently and neatly!

Re-organize between seasons

If you find that the long and narrow space available to you in your closet is awkward to stock, then you might consider reorganizing based on the season. You can put your summer clothes away in the winter months and your winter items away when it’s time for summer. This will help you to stay organized and be able to see things a lot better in your narrow closet.

Install lighting

The long and narrow shape of a closet can make it harder to see what you have inside it. Task lighting is awesome for helping you to find what you’re looking for and it doesn’t take up much space at all.

It also happens to add a luxurious touch to your closet which is a bonus.

Add sliding doors

As we mentioned earlier, changing up your doors can be great for narrow closets. Sliding doors are another great way to save on valuable space and they make it easy to access what you need! You’ll also avoid any issues that go along with swinging doors such as drawer doors bumping into them.

Use up all existing space

If you’ve got it, use it. It’s important to get creative when it comes to more narrow closets and using the space that’s available to you. You might hang a shelving rack off one of your hanging rods to create more vertical space or place a hat rack on the back of one of your closet doors.

Create extra surfaces

Long and narrow usually means a lack of storage and surface space. If that’s the case, front-drop boxes are perfect for keeping your items on site. You can display your bags or fold your clothing.

Utilize the door

While we mentioned earlier that you could hang something like a hat rack on the inside of your door, don’t forget the outside of your closet door as well. You can get creative with hanging hats and scarves or sticking clear plastic bins on the wall beside your closet to create even further storage.

Use velvet hangers

One of the best things about long and narrow closets is that they provide a nice long line for all of your clothing to be seen at once. Why not make that lineup even more beautiful to look at with slim velvet hangers? They can help you to save on hanging space and look great at the same time. 

Regardless of what type of hangers you choose, it’s best to keep them, all the same, to help save on space.

Try clear bins for shoes

Stacking bins can be a game-changer when it comes to narrow closets, but it can result in not knowing what’s in each bin. Go for clear bins for items like your shoes so you can easily see what you’re working with and can shuffle between bins with ease.

Keep your bins on the slimmer side (just like your hangers) so they don’t end up taking up any space unnecessarily.

Add a shelf

If you’re creating a custom closet then it might be a good idea to add a long and skinny vertical shelf to your long and narrow closet. These can help when it comes to storing things in bins and will be a built-in solution that will be sturdy and stress-free.

Create a staging area

It can be hard to see things when they’re inside your long and narrow closet, which is why a staging area can be helpful. That way you can pull out the items you want to look at and hang them on a handy hook. You’ll be able to lay out your outfits and won’t have to reach back into your narrow closet every time you want to set an item down.

Get a Closet You Love

Think about which of these tips are going to be most useful when it comes to your storage needs and get started on creating the closet of your dreams! There’s no longer any reason to run out of closet space. It just takes a little bit of creativity and time to put something together that will help you and your space thrive. 

If you want to take your closet to the next level then make it your next step to get in touch with a custom closet professional like JB closets!

We have tons of different ideas when it comes to getting custom closets in south Florida, including even more long and narrow closet ideas than you see on this list. We pride ourselves on being easy to work with and offer upfront pricing so you won’t be faced with any surprises when it comes to getting the custom closet of your dreams.

Let’s get started on building the closet you’ve always wanted. Contact us today.



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