Why Your Choice of Closet Doors Matters

closet door choice

You might think, “a closet door is a closet door.” But the truth is, not all closet doors are created equal! In fact, the closet doors you choose can play a big role in the overall look and feel of your home. 

Today, we’ll fill you in on everything you want to know about closet doors, including the options you have to choose from, closet doors for specific rooms, questions that help you pick the right ones for your home, and why choosing wisely is so important in the first place.

Let’s begin!

Why Your Choice of Closet Doors Matters

First, let’s talk about why your choice of closet doors matters. Choosing the right closet doors can make a world of difference in terms of the overall aesthetic of your home. The wrong closet doors, on the other hand, can make your home look dated, cluttered, and even unfinished.

That brings us to our next topic: different types of closet doors.

Closet Doors: Your Options

There are several different types of closet doors to choose from, each with its own advantages. Here’s a quick overview of your options:

Wood closet doors

Wood closet doors are classic and elegant and can be stained or painted to match your existing décor. However, one downside to some wood closet doors is that they’re not always the most budget-friendly option.

This option might be right for your home if you’re looking for classic closet doors with a high-end look.

Bifold closet doors

closet doors

Bifold closet doors are made of two panels that fold in on each other, making them a great space-saving option. They’re also relatively inexpensive and come in several different options for different design styles. 

If you don’t have a lot of extra space or money, bifold closet doors may be the best option for your home.

French doors for a closet

French closet doors are a beautiful option that can add a touch of elegance to your home. They typically consist of two hinged doors that open in the middle, but you can also find French closet doors that slide open. One downside to this option is they require more clearance space than other types of closet doors.

French closet doors might be the right choice for your home if you’re looking for an elegant closet door option.

Swinging closet doors

Swinging closet doors are similar to French closet doors, but they open like traditional doors (i.e., not in the middle). They come in various materials, including wood, glass, and mirrored options.

Closet pocket doors

Closet pocket doors are a great space-saving option because they slide open into the wall rather than swinging open. 

If you’re working with a small space, closet pocket doors could suit your home very well!

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Pivot closet doors

Pivot closet doors are similar to swinging closet doors, but they’re mounted on a hinge that allows them to pivot open. Like most other closet doors, they also come in many materials.

Consider pivot closet doors if you like the look of swinging closet doors but need something that takes up less space.

Barn doors

Barn doors for a closet are a unique and trendy option that can add character to your home. They’re typically made of wood, but you can also find barn doors for a closet that are made of glass or metal.

Closet Doors for the Different Rooms in Your Home

Next, let’s talk about closet doors for specific rooms in your home. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Linen rooms

For linen closet doors, you’ll want to choose a functional and stylish option. Bifold closet doors are a great option because they take up minimal space and can easily open and close. You can also find bifold closet doors with glass panels that allow you to see what’s inside without having to open the closet door, which is ideal for quickly grabbing towels or sheets.

Laundry rooms

Laundry room closet doors need to be durable and easy to clean. Sliding or bifold closet doors are ideal for these spaces because they can withstand years of wear and tear. However, if you want to add a touch of style to your laundry room, consider closet doors with glass panels.

Pantry closets

Pantry closet doors must match the aesthetic and style of your kitchen. Bifold closet doors or sliding closet doors are both great, versatile options that also allow you to easily see what’s inside and access everything you need. You can also find pantry closet doors with glass panels that add a touch of style to the room.

How to Choose the Right Closet Doors for Your Home

custom walk in closet with glass doors

And finally, let’s discuss some important considerations and questions that will help you determine what type of closet doors suit your home best. Here are a few things to think about:

  • The size of your closet: If you have a small closet, you’ll want to choose closet doors that don’t take up a lot of space. Sliding and bifold closet doors are both great options for small closets.
  • The style of your home: Pick closet doors that complement the overall style of your home. For example, French closet doors would be a great option if you have a traditional home. If you have a modern home, sliding closet doors might be a better choice.
  • Your budget: Closet doors can range in price from very inexpensive to quite expensive. Bifold closet doors are typically the most affordable option, while French closet doors are usually the most expensive.

As you can see, there are all kinds of closet door options to choose from. When selecting closet doors for your home, it’s important to keep in mind the room’s function and your personal style preferences. With so many options available, you’re sure to find the perfect closet doors for your home! We’re here to help, too. If you’re ready to learn more about getting a custom closet for your home, contact the friendly team at JB Closets today!



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