6 Clever Pantry Closet Ideas and Tricks for Your Home

The pantry closet. That notorious space in your home that serves a very important purpose...But simultaneously is also one of the most organizationally challenging rooms in any home.
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The pantry closet. That notorious space in your home that serves a very important purpose…But simultaneously is also one of the most organizationally challenging rooms in any home. That is, until now! Today, we’re going to share six clever pantry closet ideas and tricks to help you create the functional, beautiful pantry closet you’ve always dreamed of.

6 Clever Pantry Closet Ideas and Tricks

As you’ll see, many of these pantry closet ideas are DIY and you can make them happen today. That being said, there are also plenty of options best executed by a team of professional pantry closet designers. (If you’re on the hunt for those services, you’re in the right place. Contact JB Closets today to learn more!)

Add pull-out shelving and storage

It’s never fun reaching all the way to the back of your shelves in search of what you need. If you have little ones in your home, this also makes it challenging for them to help out or grab their own snacks. 

A great option to make the items in your pantry more accessible for everyone is using rollout shelving and storage. That way, you can pull the entire shelf closer to you and make it easier to find what you need…without all of the diggings! Another benefit of this pantry closet idea is that it doesn’t take up any additional space. Your existing shelves can simply be switched to roll-out shelves without taking up valuable square footage in your pantry. 

In addition, to roll out shelving, there are other roll-out storage solutions worth considering as well. For example, a set of rolling drawers or cupboards can help make your space more flexible. You can keep baking ingredients on these rolling shelves and pull them out into the kitchen with you when you need those items on hand!

Use every inch of vertical space

This pantry closet idea is one that’s often suggested for walk-in closet storage as well: utilizing every inch of vertical space in your pantry! As tempting as it may be to keep all of your items on shelves at eye level, this drastically reduces the amount of storage space in your pantry.

But here’s the thing: you still can keep the items you use the most at eye level (more on that in a minute)! 

But all of those things you don’t use quite as often? You know, things like Christmas cookie cutters or those specialty kitchen appliances you only use once a year. Add shelving to the very top or bottom to keep these items so they’re in the right spot without taking up space that’s better suited for other items. 

See-through storage 

Can you imagine how handy it would be to have X-ray vision when you’re searching through your pantry for that last ingredient you need to bring a dish together? Well, we can’t make that happen but the next best thing is choosing see-through storage!

Whether it’s clear plastic bins, glass jars, or wire shelves, these make it easy to quickly spot whatever you’re looking for. You’ll be able to quickly identify which items are running low so you’re never left scrambling for an ingredient at the last minute.

Bonus: take these clear glass bins to bulk food stores so you can stock up on dry goods and save money at the same time.

Labels, labels, labels

There’s a good reason using labels is one of the best pantry closet ideas you’ll ever get! It’s pretty incredible what labeling the items in your pantry can do. Adding labels to your items makes it easy to find whatever you’re looking for. And it also prevents you from getting items mixed up. For example, you can quickly spot which clear glass container contains baking soda and which one is baking powder. 

Add a chalkboard wall

Whether you add an individual chalkboard or simply paint a space in your pantry with chalkboard paint, you’ll find this surface comes in very handy. For starters, it makes it easy to track which items you’re running low on. Then, next time you go to the grocery store you can take a look at the list on your chalkboard. This sure beats searching for that scrap of paper with your grocery list on it.

You can also use this chalkboard for meal planning or tracking expiration dates of dry goods. Or even just to write cute notes to your family members!

Strategically place the items you use the most

Now: back to a pantry closet idea that just makes sense—store the items you use the most where they’re easiest to see and grab! For most people, this is at eye level. That way, as soon as you open your pantry or walk into it, you’ll see exactly what you need. 

Of course, these items will be different for every homeowner. For some, it makes the most sense to keep baking supplies at eye level where they’re easy to find. For others, who may not be as inclined to bake, it makes more sense to keep snacks where they’re easy to grab.

Bring These Pantry Closet Ideas to Life with JB Closets

Now, this idea of each homeowner having different needs brings us to our next point. When you work with a team of professional closet designers, you can be sure your individual needs are taken into account. What does this mean for you? To begin, it means you’ll end up with a pantry closet that was built with your very specific habits, needs, and style in mind!

Your JB Closets designer will get to know you and the space you’re working with to come up with a plan that meets all of your needs and more. 

Can you just imagine how good it would feel to have a pantry so beautiful and organized you just can’t wait to show it off? Before you know it, you’ll find yourself looking for any excuse to grab something from the pantry.

We want to make that happen for you! So, what are you waiting for? Click here to contact JB Closets and find out what we can do for your home. 



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