Laundry Room Closet Ideas: Floors, Storage, and More

Laundry Room Closet Ideas: Floors, Storage, and More

Does one of the closets in your home function as your laundry room rather than having a dedicated room just for laundry? This is common in many homes, especially those that are tight on space. However, a lack of space has never stopped us from creating incredible organizational designs for laundry rooms! So, no matter how tight quarters might be in the laundry closet, we have all of the laundry closet ideas you need to make the most of this space. 

Our Best Laundry Closet ideas

Maximize all vertical space

We’re starting with this first tip because it’s one of the most effective options for maximizing your space in any closet! And it applies whether it’s for a laundry room or not. 

In your laundry closet, you might have your washer and dryer stacked on top of one another or perhaps they’re side by side. If they’re stacked, chances are there’s still a bit of space at the very top of the closet you can use for storage. Consider adding a small shelf or cupboard here where you can keep detergent and other important items.

If your machines are side by side, you can consider adding a few floating shelves on the closet wall where you can store those same important items, as well as things like towels and other supplies. 

white minimal laundry room with 2 chairs and a painting

Add a hanging rod

Another option in a laundry closet with side by side machines is adding a hanging rod above the machines. It may not be long enough for hanging dresses and suits. However, there are still several things you can hang to dry here that help keep your space organized and efficient. 

Make it fun

Who says a laundry closet can’t be fun as well as organized? Just because you’re tight on space doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to elevate the aesthetic appeal of the space!

As for one of our best laundry closet ideas to do just that? Adding a pop of color with a fun paint color or wallpaper. Even if there isn’t much wall space in your laundry closet, this simple touch can make a big impact on the look and feel of the laundry closet. In fact, this is one of the simplest and most effective steps you can take for elevating this space!

Add hooks on your closet doors

If your laundry closet has French doors that open out, you can add hooks on the inside of these doors to maximize the storage solutions for the space. You might not be able to hang bulky items on these hooks, but things like mops and brooms (and even an ironing board!) can fit neatly in these spaces. 

Consider floating shelves

When you think of laundry room storage, cupboards and cabinets might come to mind. Then, you think this option simply won’t work in your small laundry closet! But have you ever considered using floating shelves rather than traditional cabinets and cupboards? The wonderful thing about this option is that it still provides you with plenty of added surface area to store things. However, it’s less bulky and intrusive than many cabinets can be. 

Fold-down shelving

a lady folding and organizing dried clothes

Finding a surface to fold and sort your laundry can be challenging. Often, you end up placing it on a chair, couch, or bed where it ends up staying longer than you had planned. But if you have a dedicated space in or near your laundry room for folding, you’ll notice it becomes a lot easier to keep up with folding your clean laundry! And yes—these folding areas are still possible in many laundry closets!

For example, you can add countertop shelving atop side-by-side washer and dryers. Then, you don’t risk losing things between the gaps in the machines, and it also provides you with a lot more surface area for folding and storing.

If your machines are stacked, another option is adding fold-out shelving on the inside of the closet door. Then, when the closet door is opened you can fold out this shelf to use as a surface for folding. When you’re done, you can simply fold the shelf back up and shut the closet door!

Pull-down drying rack

Another one of our favorite laundry closet ideas involves installing a pull-down drying rack. Like fold-down shelving, these can be folded up and tucked away when not in use, making them ideal for small spaces. 

You can even find options that hang from the ceiling! That way, if you don’t have wall space or closet door space for hanging, you’ll still have an option for hanging those delicate items you don’t want to put in the dryer. 

Laundry closet flooring ideas

Another important but often overlooked element of your laundry closet is the flooring. Is your laundry closet an extension of a bedroom or living room? Then it often has the same flooring as the rest of the space. And in many cases, that means carpet. But it will come as no surprise to you that carpet isn’t the best flooring for laundry rooms in general. So, your first place to start when it comes to laundry room flooring is ensuring you go for a moisture-resistant option. Additionally, make sure you choose something that’s easy to clean along with being stain and impact-resistant.

Looking for Even More Laundry Closet Ideas?

No matter the size of your laundry closet or the organizational challenges you face, we can help!

Whether you have more space than you know what to do with or your laundry closet is tight on space, there are storage options and designs that can work in every home. And the team at JB Closets is here to help you find them. From design to installation, we will take care of everything you need to finally make the most of the storage and organizational opportunities for your laundry closet.

Ready to get started? Click here to learn more about our laundry closet services and how we can help create your new favorite space! 

Or, if you’re ready to book a consultation and get started on your home, click here to contact us today. 



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