Color-Coordinated Closet Ideas & Tips to Organize Your Clothes

color coordinated closets

Do you find yourself frustrated when trying to find an outfit to wear? Are your clothes crammed into a cluttered closet that is bursting at the seams? If so, it might be time for you to consider color-coordinated closet ideas! A color-coordinated closet can help you organize your clothes and make getting dressed in the morning a breeze. In this blog post, we will discuss several color-coordinated closet ideas that will help you get your wardrobe under control.

The Benefits of Creating a Color-Coordinated Closet

When you create a color-coordinated closet, you are essentially creating a system for organizing your clothes. This system can help make getting dressed in the morning easier and less frustrating. Additionally, color coordinating your clothes can have other benefits as well. Some of these benefits include:

  • A color-coordinated closet can help you find outfits faster.
  • It can help you avoid wearing the same outfit twice.
  • A color-coordinated closet can help you mix and match different items to create new outfits.

How to Create a Color-Coordinated Closet

Now that we have discussed some of the benefits of color coordinating your clothes, let’s discuss how to go about creating a color-coordinated closet.

Steps for Creating a Color-Coordinated Closet

Depending on how many items you have in your closet, it’s usually best to remove all of them before you get started. Alternatively, you could keep everything hung up and pick and choose what needs to be rearranged, but this often ends up being more time-consuming.

Step #1: Choose a color scheme

The first step in creating a color-coordinated closet is to choose a color scheme. You can base your color scheme on the colors of your clothes or you can use a color wheel to help you select complementary colors. For example, you could choose to arrange your clothes ranging from the darkest to lightest shades or sort them into groups that complement each other the best.

Once you have chosen your color scheme, it’s time to start hanging them up!

Step #2: Hang up all of your clothes

closet wardrobe coordinated

Once you have your hangers, it’s time to hang up all of your clothes. Start by sorting your clothes into piles based on their color. Then, begin hanging up your clothes according to color. Be sure to leave some space between each color so that you can easily see all of the options that are available to you.

Step #3: Arrange your shoes

The next step is to choose a color-coding system to arrange your shoes, purses, and other accessories. For example, you can either keep your shoes in their original boxes or you can line them up on a shelf. If you choose to keep them in their original boxes, be sure to label each box with the color of the shoes inside.

Other Tips to Help You Color Coordinate Your Closet

  • If you have a lot of clothes, it might be helpful to color coordinate by type of clothing (i.e. dresses, skirts, pants, etc.).
  • Create an “outfit board” that showcases different combinations of clothes that you can wear based on your color scheme. This will help give you ideas for new outfits to create.
  • Take some time to purge your closet of clothes that you no longer wear. This will make it easier to color coordinate the clothes that you actually wear and help you save space in your closet.
  • Finally, be patient! It might take a little time to get your color-coordinated closet just the way you want it. But, once it’s done, you’ll be glad you took the time to do it.

Bonus Closet Organization Tips

Now you know the basics of creating a color-coordinated closet. But what about strategies for keeping your closet organized, regardless of the color scheme or strategy you choose? Let’s talk about those next.

Here are some basic closet organization tips to implement in your own closet:

  • Invest in some good quality hangers. This will help prevent your clothes from slipping off the hanger and ending up on the floor.
  • Don’t be afraid to mix and match different types of hangers. You can use plastic hangers for your heavier items and wooden hangers for your lighter items.
  • Use hooks or over-the-door racks to maximize space in your closet. These are great for hanging purses, scarves, belts, etc.
  • Consider adding a shelving unit to store shoes, boxes, or other items that won’t fit on hangers.
  • Use baskets or bins to store seasonal items or clothing that you don’t wear often. This will help keep your closet more organized and streamlined.
  • Enlist the help of professional custom closet designers!

The Benefits of a Custom Closet Design

When you choose professional custom closet design services, you’re giving yourself a big advantage when it comes to not only closet design, but also closet organization and creating a system that will last for the long term.

Some of the benefits of working with a professional custom closet designer include:

  • A design that is tailored specifically to your needs and space constraints
  • Expert advice on color coordination, organizing, and creating an efficient system for your wardrobe
  • Installation by experienced professionals who will take care of everything from start to finish
  • There’s a wide variety of design and color options to choose from
  • You’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your closet is designed and installed by experts

If you’re looking for a way to get your chaotic closet under control, color-coordinating may be the answer. With just a little bit of effort, you can create a closet that is both functional and stylish. So what are you waiting for? Get started today!

How JB Closets Can Help

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